3-year-old DJ rocked South Africa's Got Talent

Oct,11,2015 07:31:57

DJ Arch Jr maybe just a little kid, but he is better than many DJs out there.

After the sweet, adorable 3-year-old Chinese boy Zhang Junghao, here comes another 3-year-old who rocked Got Talent. And this time, it's South Africa.

His father is none other than DJ Arch, and that's why this little boy is called DJ Arch Jr. According to his father and also his teacher, Arch Jr. started learning when he was one, when other babies could barely talk. Now he just turned three.

However, don't let the age fool you. This boy really has talent. He used the turntable like a pro, and his taste of music was really interesting. With such delicious choice, he made the whole crowd move. This kid will go places, for sure.


By: Sherry

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