Funny clip - Undress in elevator
Apr,18,2016 05:05
A man meets a young, beautiful girl in elevator, and suddenly everything becomes too hot...

Can you imagine, walking in a elevator and see a gorgeous young lady? It sure will be great, but it's even greater when she starts... undressing. Yep, such a lucky man. But is he that lucky? Wait.

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Detailed configuration parameters of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 were revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be equipped with 6GB RAM instead of 8GB RAM as previously rumored.

The famoust smartphone information measurement application CPU-Z has just revealed detailed configuration parameters of Samsung Galaxy Note 6. According to CPU-Z, Note 6 codename is SM-N930, using 5.77 inch screen with 2K resolution (1440x2560 pixels), 6GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory.

Samsung galaxy note 6

However, the smartphone is equipped with a  "homegrown" ​processor Exynos 8890 instead of Snapdragon 823 as some leaked recent information. Of course, we do not exclude the possibility that this is only a testing version and will be changed at the last minute.

The source also adds that Galaxy Note 6 will have a similar design with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5. But its size will thicker, thus, battery capacity is significantly upgraded to 3700mAh (compared to 3000mAh of Note 5), supporting water-proof and dust resistant as IP68 standard.

Samsung galaxy note 6

Samsung galaxy note 6

In addition, Note 6 will operate on the Android 6.0 platform. However, this smartphone can operate on Android N platform if Google can launch this operating system in time for the arrival of the Note 6.

Currently, Note 6's internal codename is "Grace", and the codes for major US carriers respectively are SM-N930U_NA_VZW), AT&T (SM-N930U_NA_ATT), T-Mobile (SM-N930U_NA_TMB), Sprint (SM-N930U_NA_SPR).


By: William Churchill

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