Hot Korean choreography banned for being too sexy

Oct,11,2015 05:51:31

What's so special with the choreography of AOA's fifth single, Miniskirt that make it banned?

Released last year, AOA brought there fan the familiar style of many Korean music videos these day. Hot girls, hot choreography, nice theme based on a green screen, the end. However, it seems like their “butt wiggle” choreography was too hot to be accepted by such discerning viewers. After the official music video, they were banned from performing on KBS,SBS and MBC.

That's the reason why FNC Entertainment was forced to change the hot girls' choreography, and so they did. "We will remove the lying on the floor and unzipping choreography... Starting from the second week of their comeback, a modified choreography for 'Miniskirt' will be performed... We originally prepared various versions of the choreography. After doing their comeback promotions for one week, we reviewed the response and deemed that it would be good to perform another version of the choreography so we changed it."


By: Sherry

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