How an immured dog was rescued magically

Sep,29,2015 11:34:45

The world's best sales dog ever

Shiva the Shiba Inu has become such an amazing phenomenon on the network lately. Not only because he's a dog that sells things, but also he's a best one too. He can greet his customers with the brightest eyes and bring them the best products in the store. What a nice guy! If you can visit Tokyo one day, don't forget to pass by. He will be glad to see you there. Any of you. Doge Store Clerk (Shiva) - Shiba Inu In Tokyo  

Dog breaks record for most balls caught with paws

Again, dogs prove that they can do the most likely impossible-for-animal things. By catching 14 mini footballs in just a minute, Purin the dog has set a new world record for most balls caught by a dog with the paws. Now let's check how this nine-year-old beagle amazed us all. Well done, girl! Dog Breaks Record for Most Balls Caught with Paws  

This Belka the dog was found deep down under the ground after people here heard some strange sound.

This amazing story took place in Russia. According to the owner of this video, there was a pit left 3 weeks without being repaired. After they came back, the pit was embedded but they still heard something like barking somewhere. Finally, they decided to remove the stones, and there was the surprise.

A dog named Belka, pregnant, was found under the ground. The good news was she's still in good condition and good mood. Such a magical story.

After the rescue, the hole was fixed and no longer is a danger for people around.


By: Blue Tea

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