Smart dog helps mom change baby's diaper

Sep,16,2015 09:04:37

Man vs Dog - The heated batter between Séan Garnier and Chien

Crowned the Red Bull Street Style Champion in 2008, Garnier went on to become French Freestyle Champion in many years after that. This video was unplanted, but it attracted a huge numer of curious viewers. The famous soccer freestyler Séan Garnier met a random dog, and the battle began. Will his unique skills help him this time? Let's see. The battle between Sean Garnier and Chien    

Parrot feeding dog compilation

Even animals can share! Why couldn't we? Watch how parrot feeding dog to see how animals love each other. And that's exactly what you should do, too. Let's starting sharing, today. And by the way, keep your eyes on your food. You have no ideal what crazy thing will happen in your kitchen. From Funny Crazy Animals. Enjoy. Parrot feeding dog    

Who needs a nanny when you have a dog?

Dog is man's best friend. That's why if you need a helper, just bring home a dog. Too busy with work and household chores? Too bored with life? Yes, a dog can solve anything. 

This smart dog knows exactly what to do to change baby's diaper like a pro. He even can help throw the old diaper into a trash bin and close it. And who knows what else he can do?


By: Blue Tea

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