Snail and cats

Sep,24,2015 04:39:25

Dog-friend and cat-friend

Dog and cat are definitely the most favorite pets in this world. Dog is smart, loyal and cat is cute. Which one do you prefer? Why not both? Watch these guys as dog and cat to see what will happen when you have a dog and a cat at the same house. The way they act will make you see the differences more clearly. However, no matter what they do, pets can make you life much more interesting and fun. Better love them all, right? Cat-friend and dog-friend  

What does it feel like to get a kiss from a snail, kitty?

Cat is always one of the cutest things in this planet. But not many people think the same about snail. Well, they're cute too. Don't agree? Just watch this video.

Here are two Japanese cats, a snail and how they become friends. You will be amazed with the way Shiro let this snail stay in his hand and how Kuro examined him curiously. The animal world is just so interesting, as ever.


By: Blue Tea

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