What future is waiting for new iPad Pro in technology world?

May,05,2016 08:38:49

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is a powerful product, but whether it can withstand while iPad market is dying?

9.7 inches iPad Pro - new powerful product from Apple

iPad Pro is one of the powerful and the best tablets now, however, its 12.9 inches version is hard to suit the vast majority of consumers. Thus, Apple has released a new version with smaller screen.

Apple has officially released 9.7-inch screen version of the iPad Pro. The new device still has outstanding features of the 12.9-inch, while its size is smaller and it's also targeted to more users.

iPad Pro

The 9.7 version is significantly lighter than its 12.9-inch brother. Even though, the tablet is still made with monolithic design from anodized aluminum and has impressive 4-speaker sound system. 9.7 inches iPad Pro is sold with 4 different colors including silver, gray, gold and golden pink.

In addition, with this new iPad Pro, Apple brought a 40% less reflective screen compared to the iPad Air 2. It's also the tablet with brightness screen in the world with True Tone Display technology. This technology can be understood simply: it can change the color temperature of the screen to match the ambient light.

Apple also supports Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard with suitable size for the new iPad. Official selling price of the iPad Pro 9, .7 inches is $599 for 32 GB, $749 for 128 GB and $899 is 256 GB.

iPad market is not the same

iPad is still the most powerful line of tablet market today. But with the dark revenue the past year, it feels like iPad is gradually losing its No. 1 position.

iPad Pro at launch has received a lot of praise as a top product, a perfect replacement for laptops... But contrary to what was eulogized, iPad Pro has extremely disastrous sales. Even in the key market China, iPad Pro was sold only 49,000 products after the first month officially on shelves.

iPad Pro

After 2 years and a half with increasingly disastrous revenues when reduced to 40%, we can imagine the spot of iPad in the near future.

Around 2010 and 2011, all of us were excited and looking forward to the appearance of iPad. This could be a great product added to our lives. But the past few years, people realize that smartphones and computers are enough and iPad is not really necessary.

Anyhow, iPad is still the most popular tablet. iPad has quickly gained certain market share only in a short time. But once it can not create any other impression to users, iPad quickly loses its market.

Nonetheless, position of iPad in the present time is undeniable, Apple is still a top brand, and iPad Pro is still an valuable product. However, it is difficult to predict its future in the technology world right now.




By: Sheldon Levitt

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