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What is travel insurance and why you need it

To be understood simply, travel insurance means when you travel, buying this insurance can protect you from the possible risks.

What is travel insurance?

To be understood simply, travel insurance means when you travel, buying this insurance can protect you from the possible risks.

For example, you accidentally have an accident, lose your properties or merely your flight is delayed, canceled… If you join travel insurance, you will have the tools to protect yourself in many ways such as reducing financial harm, get compensation for airplane ticket, hotel fee, tour costs...

Moreover, travel insurance can support you in matters relating to medical emergencies, loss of property...

Most common risks when traveling

Simply, in a foreign land, different environment, newcomers may encounter:

- Sickness (disease) due to changes in weather, climate…

- Food poisoning (caused by consuming strange foods)

- Getting lost, having accident due to unfamiliar road traffic

- Travelling in distant places and unfortunately getting sick, when nearest medical facility is far away without rescue.

- Luggage and personal papers such as passports (while are careful preserved) are stolen, misplaced.

It’s still okay if you encounter some aforementioned risks but you can handle it by yourself. However, the cost of medical treatment abroad is very expensive. If you feel like spending a small amount to be assured, be able to ask for help whenever you need, you should buy travel insurance to have completely enjoyable trip.

What can travel insurance cover

It pretty much depends on your insurance company. But most of travel insurance covers these following fields:

- Emergency medical fee, treatment costs for unexpected sickness or diseases

- Personal liability if you have trouble with laws for damaging property or causing injury

- Lost or stolen important documents, luggage or properties

-  Delayed, cut short or canceled flights

What travel insurance doesn’t cover

Again, it depends. But most insurance does not cover these following fields:

- You are 65 – 70 years old or more, or you have a special health condition. When you join in a travel insurance (or any kind of insurance in generally), you must honestly answer all of the questions required about your medical condition. Insurance only covers unexpected situation on your way.

- You are going to take part in a dangerous tour/adventure, and the change something bad happens is just too high.

- You are going to a country or territory that Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends staying away from.

- Unexpected disasters such as earthquake, volcano, epidemics or even terrorism.

Other things to take note

1. Objects and scope of travel insurance

- Insurance age: 1 year old (12 months) to 65 – 70 years old (depend)

- The insured: clearly stipulated in relevant rules.

2. Duration of insurance

Insurance time is often calculated by date. Conventionally 1 day is 24 hours.

3. The basis for premiums

- Insurance conditions

- Mode of travel: individual, group, at the point, trips

- Sum insured

- Insurance time

- Participation in sports, games with professional nature, dangerous game


By: Lily Delavigne

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