When DAPRA robots fall down

Aug,31,2015 04:28:57

Not all the robots of DAPRA can pass the test for $ 2 million.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the US often has final tests to challenge the ability to move the robot after obstacle course.

DAPRA robots, DAPRA  test, obstacle course

DAPRA robots have to past a not-so-easy test

They will have to drive, walk through the debris, climb stairs, walk through walls, open doors... The winning robot will be awarded a prize up to $ 2 million.

This special training course of the scientists will help their robots improve the ability to deal with many emergencies or disasters, some could even be dangerous to human life.

DAPRA robots, DAPRA  test, obstacle course

Not all the robots can survive this test. But good news is that after the fall, these robots will also be repaired and operated again.



By: Blue Tea

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